How to Choose Your Pump

Picking the correct pump for your Pond or Waterscape is critical to ensuring a future of trouble-free enjoyment instead of constant headaches and frustrations. Here are the key factors to pay attention to in order to make your search a little bit easier.


  • Quality - Pump Quality should be priority #1 when selecting your pump. Pump Failures could not only cause maintenance headaches, but also lead to the tragic loss of fish or other animals living in the environment. offers top of the line Tsurumi Pump products that are designed for continuous operation and have the reliability that you need. 

  • Gallon Per Hour (GPH) - A General Rule of thumb for optimal water filtration calls for complete circulation of your ponds water every 2 hours. If you divide the Total Gallons of your pond by (2) you will have a rough minimum GPH requirement you will need. Adding fish or other animals increases the importance for filtration and many Koi Fish Husbandry experts recommend doubling the standard 2 hour circulation. EX. 1000gallon pond / 2(hours) = 500GPH minimum. 

  • Water Feature Setup - When factoring your GPH requirement, you must factor in how your Pond (pump) is/will be configured. Submersible pumps are rated by GPH vs Vertical Head Pressure. Pump placement, filter location, and water return / waterfall height & waterfall discharge width will all factor into the demand of your pump. For Waterfall Features, we recommend that you measure the width waterfall discharge first. 30GPM per foot is a relative guide for acceptable discharge effect. With that number, you can then measure the distance from your pump vertically to the highest point where the pump will discharge (waterfall in many applications). This measurement will tell you what approximate operating Head your pond pump will be operating at. Finding a pump that is designed to work within your application requirements and physical application restrictions is critical for optimal performance. Please refer to our Flow Chart to see ideal operating ranges for the pumps we offer. Choose a pump that falls into this operating range and ideally is at its best efficiency. In Many Cases, the actual vertical head will fall well under the optimal efficiency for these pumps. Head Pressure can be simulated with use of a Flow Control Check Valve & Inline Ball Valve. 

  • ASK US TO HELP - We are always willing to help with any application questions you might have. Click Here to Contact Us Now