Low Level Shutoff Switch

Low Level Shutoff Switch

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Model# TS-8085

Low Level Shutoff Switch for 110v Tsurumi Pump Water Feature Pumps. This shutoff switch or float allows for automatic on/off operation of your pump. Tsurumi Pump's Water Feature Pumps utilize the surrounding water to cool the pump during operation. Ensuring water level is maintained inside of your Skimmer Style filter setup is absolutely necessary for ensuring years of problem free operation for your pump. Hot days can add cause evaporation and water levels to drop. 

Adding a simple Low Level Shutoff Switch to your pump / Skimmer Setup will ensure your pump will shutoff in low level situations. This can also double as an indicator to you to add water during hot temperatures.

This Low Level Shutoff Switch can also be used in conjunction with an Auto Fill system that will automatically add water to your pond (sold elsewhere) as another great way to combat this in high heat environments where evaporation can be consistently problematic OR the pond will be unattended for long periods of time.

Click Here for the Low Water Level Shut-Off Spec Sheet

Click Here for More Information Regarding the Importance of Proper Water Level and Pump Maintenance

Please email us with any compatibility questions you may have.